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​​Credentialing: Pathway Certification Program

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Credentialing Updates

Credential Candidates

Jared Barta R/W-NAC

Erin Quintanilla - RWP

Fred Abernathy - SR/WA

If there is a course you would like offered, please contact Rich Snedegar at richard.snedegar@kcmo.org.​

There are two credentialing paths: "Industry" and "Specialty". However, if you have already been going down the Generalist or Specialist career path and your candidacy was approved prior to January 14, 2016, you may finish your credential on that path. To learn more, Click HERE, then click on EDUCATION>CREDENTIALING> and the path you are interested in, like the example below:

This Pathway Certification Program has 4 different capstone exams — one for each industry pathway. There is no review class for the capstone exams. Under the new program, the capstone exam is taken after completing all the required coursework because the exam questions are based on the specific courses they completed as part of the Industry Pathway. 

If you have credentialing questions or need help with an application, contact ​the Chapter's Professional Development Committee (PDC) Chair or click HERE for the ​"Credentialing Concierge".
Paul Blees 


Mark Stiles